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Requesting that a Mass be Offered for a Particular Person or Cause

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church accepts offerings for Mass intentions.  Those wishing to have a Mass said for a particular person or cause should contact Bonnie Haik (651) 633-8333, or come to the parish office Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  

St. John the Baptist's Policies Regarding Mass Intentions

  • Suggested offering - $7.00 (but more or less is accepted) (make payable to St. John’s)
  • The intention can be for a deceased person or a living person.  Does not need to be Catholic. 
  • The Intention can be for another need of the Church: i.e. world peace, vocations to the priesthood and religious life, conversion of sinners, etc.  Intentions should be “general” and not specific to an individual. 
  • A specific Mass time and date can be requested, but if that date is taken, the Mass will be assigned to the closest possible date.  In addition to the regular Sunday and daily Mass times, we can assign intentions to school and other Masses held at the parish, as well as nursing home Masses offered by our priests in our parish nursing homes. 
  • If we have a backlog of requests, we may limit the number of Mass intentions a person can request. 
  • The Mass intention is usually mentioned during the prayers of the faithful, but even if it is not, the Mass if offered for the intention posted in the bulletin.
  • The published intention is the priest’s primary intention for that Mass.  If there are priests concelebrating, each priest may have his own intention.
  • Each member of the faithful may offer the Mass for his or her own intention.  The merits of the Mass are infinite. 
  • The Mass offering (stipend) goes to the parish’s general fund.  In some dioceses it is kept by the priest, but in our archdiocese the policy is that it goes to the parish.

For More Information on the Tradition of Requesting Mass Intentions

        Fr. Edward McNamara's Article from

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