FallFest 2019

Help is needed for a successful FallFest – please visit www.tinyurl.com/volunteerfallfest2019 to sign up yourself or your family to help! Sign-up will also be available after Masses Sept. 14 and 15.

Interested in sponsoring our FallFest? Maybe your employer would like to be a sponsor. If interested, contact Bret Sutton at 651-633-8333 ext. 1217.

FallFest Bags Tournament Saturday, September 28, 2 pm Winners take home $200 cash prize! Registration Forms are    available on the Harvest Table or you can register online at:  bit.ly/2KAngmO   New this year! Food and drinks will be sold at the field by the tournament!  Questions? Contact Ben and Michelle Stori at SJBFallFestBags@outlook.com.

Vendors needed for the annual FallFest Market Fair Our Market Fair will be held on September 27 & 28. If you have a product you want to sell, or creation you made yourself, we would love to have you.  For more information contact Kathy Paron (763) 464-3985 or kparonk1@gmail.com  Don’t Miss the Fun.

Children’s Game Donations Needed Children’s Games Donations are needed for the FallFest- please watch for sales and consider picking up toys, candy, non-perishables, snacks, and pop. Donations should be returned to Welcome Desk by Sept. 15 labeled Attn.: Jeanne Breske. Cash donations are also appreciated.

Suggestions: Toys worth $2 or more; 2 Liter Bottles of Pop;

Nonperishable items such as applesauce, cereal, chips, cookies, popcorn, jams, pretzels, pop tarts, crackers, pudding packs, crackers, etc.; Package of single service snack items brands such as Dole, Nature Valley, Quaker, Welch’s, etc.; Candy such as fun dip, fruit roll ups, life savers, starburst, swedish fish, king size bars, M&Ms, etc. Any questions call (651) 633-4270  – Chairperson of Children’s Games –  Jeanne Breske

Adult Bar Games Donations Needed Bottles of wine, hard liquor, or  beer. Donations must be dropped off to a staff member at the parish office.