ALL VIRTUS SESSIONS ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO THE CONTINUED MINNESOTA STATE RESTRICTIONS ON PUBLIC GATHERINGS. Please contact the safe environment coordinator at your parish or school for further information.

Volunteer Requirements

A key to our commitment to promoting safe environments in our parishes, Catholic schools and communities is for all persons in positions of trust in regard to minors and vulnerable adults to fulfill the Essential 3 (E3) requirements. If you are a parishioner, Eucharistic minister, Able  volunteer, young adult,  parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle and plan to volunteer in any capacity (Eucharist, Able, home visits, etc.), you must complete the E3 as required by the Archdiocese.

The first step is to complete the following form: VFORM 1 Volunteer Application and Release. This needs to be completed and returned to the parish. You may mail it in or drop it off in the parish office.

Volunteer Form

The next step is to follow the Registration Instructions for New Users. You will need to go to and register for a Live 3 hour Virtus session. There are several locations to choose from and a class is offered at nearby locations almost every day.

New User Registration Guide

Virtus Website

Last, you will need to fill out the 123-B form and turn it in to the parish office.


You will also need to follow and complete all steps in the instructions prior to volunteering at parish. We appreciate your time that you generously share with our parish and your participation in the Enhanced Essential 3 to make our parish a safer environment for all.

Thank you for helping to protect those most vulnerable among us!

For more information about volunteer requirements or creating safe environments, visit the Archdiocesan safe environments website here:

Remember, if you suspect abuse, your first call should always be to law enforcement.