Anointing of the Sick

Jesus came to heal the whole person, body and soul.

Anointing is a sacrament in our church for those experiencing a new diagnosis, illness (physical or mental), upcoming surgery, or complications of aging. Those facing chronic illness can also benefit. This sacrament can bring healing to both the body and the soul.

We hold an Anointing Mass bi-annually, in March and November.

The next Mass will be November 16th at 10:30AM in the Chapel of the Angels.

At the Hospital

In most cases, ask your nurse to page the on-call priest chaplain. Almost all Twin Cities hospitals have a priest chaplain assigned to the hospital to provide spiritual case and meet the sacramental needs of patients. If you prefer to have a priest from St. John’s, please call the parish office.

Request an Anointing

After Mass or At Home

To receive the Anointing of the sick after any Mass or at home, please contact:

The Parish Office

Inform the priests of your desire to receive this beautiful sacrament.