Marriage Enrichment

The 5 Love Languages

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Cana Dinner

The Cana Dinner is the annual couples evening held each year to celebrate the sacrament of marriage. more

Marriage in Christ

The Marriage in Christ Seminar is a five-week seminar is for couples who desire to strengthen their marriage, who want to establish good patterns of prayer & friendship or who are facing transitions in their lives, e.g., having children, the empty nest, or retirement. more

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Definition of NFP:
– Natural Family Planning (NFP) is the general term used to describe the natural, scientific method of observing a woman’s natural signs of fertility to either achieve pregnancy or to avoid pregnancy.

How it works:
– NFP is based off scientific basis of both the male and female reproductive system.
– NFP is based off scientific knowledge of a woman’s fertility and infertility
– A woman’s body has natural signs of fertility each month due to the change in her hormones. With training, a women and her partner can learn the signs and know how to avoid pregnancy or achieve.

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Married couples retreats

Franciscan Retreats Prior Lake, MN

Marriage Encounter St. Paul, MN

Worldwide Marriage Encounter 1-800-795-5683

Christ the King Retreat Center Buffalo, MN
763-682-1394 or 763-682-3453

Marriage Booster​