Marriage Enrichment

Fall Marriage Morning of Reflection

Morning of reflection offers inspiring talks and practical tools to help couples deepen their connection with each other and pray together as a couple. 

Marriage Minute Series

Please join us! The Marriage Minute Series will give you tools to improve your communication with your spouse.

Cana Dinner

Beautiful evening to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage.  The event usually takes place in February around Valentine’s Day.  This event offers couples good content from a reputable speaker, a delicious dinner, and great company at your table.  Couples can purchase tickets individually or invite friends to fill a table at a group cost.

Mark your calendars and find babysitters, Cana Dinner will be on February 18, 2023.  More details to come.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Typically a weekend retreat experience allows couples to pause, reflect, and reconnect privately. 

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Helps couples use natural and scientific methods to either achieve or avoid pregnancy and promotes communication and connection within married life.  

Married couples retreats

Franciscan Retreats Prior Lake, MN

Marriage Encounter St. Paul, MN

Worldwide Marriage Encounter 1-800-795-5683

Christ the King Retreat Center Buffalo, MN
763-682-1394 or 763-682-3453

Marriage Booster​