Staff Directory

Pastoral Ministry

Father Paul Shovelain
Phone: ext.1214

Fr. Paul was ordained a priest in 2014. He became pastor of St. John’s on July 1, 2020. He is our spiritual leader and is responsible for the pastoral care of the people of St. John the Baptist.

Father Doug Ebert
Senior Associate Pastor
Phone: ext.1213

Fr. Doug will be helping out on Mondays, Tuedsays and Wednesdays.

Deacon Rod Palmer
Phone: ext.1298

Deacon Rod was ordained in 1999. Deacon Rod is active with our St. Vincent de Paul Outreach program and assists at weekend liturgies.

Deacon Peter D’Heilly
Phone: ext.1216

Deacon Peter was ordained in 1978. He assists at St. John’s with funerals.

Deacon Gary Schneider
Phone: ext.1288

Deacon Gary was ordained in 2008. He assists at St. John’s at weekend liturgies.

Deacon John Belian
Phone: ext.1239

Mary Kohlhaas
Pastoral Care Coordinator
Phone: ext.1229


Mark Dittman
Parish Administrator
Phone: ext.1215

Mark oversees the finances and day-to-day business operations of the parish community.

Maureen Owusu
Parish Bookkeeper
Phone: ext. 1255

Michelle Chock
Phone: ext. 1224

Teri Shea
Office Manager
Phone: ext.1237

Teri reserves rooms for the various parish groups who meet in our pastoral center. Teri coordinates rentals for St. Joseph’s Hall.

Mary May
Development Associate
Phone: ext. 1253

Tom Herschbach
Receptionist/Executive Assistant
Phone: ext. 1210

Joseph Huebl
Communications Coordinator
Phone: ext. 1217

Rita Arndorfer
Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: ext. 1220

Melissa Berg
Hospitality Coordinator
Phone: ext. 1227

Office of Discipleship and Mission

Jessica Balzarini, Director
Phone: 651-633-1540 ext. 1228

Mikayla Anderson
Coordinator of Discipleship for Youth
Phone: 651-633-1540 ext. 1218


Coordinates 7th Grade Faith Formation, Confirmation (a 1-year program normally beginning in 9th grade), and junior and senior high youth retreats and events.

Jennifer Livermont
Coordinator of Discipleship for Families
Phone: 651-633-1540 ext. 1234

Michael Lane
Coordinator of Sacraments
Phone: 651-633-1540 ext. 1219

Jodie Wolla
Administrative Assistant
651-633-1540 ext. 1211

Jill Fink
Coordinator of Discipleship for Adults
651-633-1540 ext. 1280


Lee Treml
Director of Worship
Phone: ext.1212

Lee is the music and liturgy director for the parish. He leads the music at three of the four-weekend liturgies, funerals, weddings, holidays, and holy days from the organ. He trains the lay ministers and prepares them for their liturgical duties. He also prepares the Mass leaflets, heads the Arts and Environment Committee, and directs the choir and schola.

Andrew Case
Children’s Choir Director

Lori Vosejpka
Director of Contemporary Ensemble

Abe Gross
Director of Ignite

Margaret Harmon
Liturgical Administrative Assistant
Phone: ext. 1279


Pat Hinnenkamp
Director of Maintenance
Phone: ext. 1203

The goal of the maintenance department is to provide a safe, secure and clean environment that is well maintained for our parishioners, staff, students and visitors of our campus.

Dave Blegen

Patavi Robinson