Young Adults

Young Adult Community

We are a community of young adults that offers opportunities to connect and support one another in our faith while bearing witness to Christ within a welcoming environment.

We host monthly community dinners at a parishioner’s home followed by an evening of casual games.

We also plan 1-2 other events each month which focus on recreation, service, and formation.


Join the Community!!

If you are ages 18-35 and are interested in joining us for any events or programs, please sign the liability waiver for the year and you will be added to our email list! This is not a commitment to attend anything but will allow you to freely attend any events whether they are on or off site! How exciting! Our core team typically sends out a communication 2 times per month with details about the upcoming community dinner nights, other young adult events, and different things at the parish that young adults may be interested in participating in! The waiver will last from May 2023 through May 2024. 

Join the Community


Reach out to Sarah Wilder at with any questions.