Do you have a servant’s heart and a love for the Eucharist?
We have a spot for you!


Various opportunities exist for liturgical participation including the following positions:

Crucifer (Cross bearer)

Students grade 5 and adults. The Cross bearer leads the liturgical processions in and out of the church for all liturgies and, on Major Feast days, lead the procession at the Proclamation of the Gospel.

Candle bearers (torches)

Students grade 5 and adults. Candle bearers accompany the Cross in processions as well as lead the Gift Bearers from the baptistry to the sanctuary and, on Major Feast days, lead the procession at the Proclamation of the Gospel.

Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion

Those interested in serving in this ministry must be approved for a three year term by the pastor. As those who help the ordained minister the Body and Blood of Christ, they must believe what the Church teaches regarding the Eucharist, namely that the Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Greeters (Adults and families)

Greeters are the first welcome to those entering the church for liturgies. They also hand out Mass leaflets before the liturgy and direct people as needed. This ministry is at all the weekend and feast day and holiday liturgies year-round.


Ushers receive the collection and hand out bulletins at the end of each Mass. They also assist with emergency needs and direct people as needed.

Lectors (Confirmed students and adults)

Readers are those who proclaim the Word of God with the First Lesson and Epistle at all liturgies throughout the year.

Altar servers (Students grade 5 through adults)

Mass servers participate in our Sunday, feast day and holiday liturgies. They carry the cross and torches (candles) in procession and assist ordained ministers at the altar. Training is available (offered twice a year). Love of liturgy and a passion for participatory service are the strongest requirements for this work.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for the care of the Sanctuary and its furnishings. They change the seasonal and feast day paraments and candles accordingly. They are also responsible for weekly care for the Sanctuary, including light cleaning duties of the Sanctuary and Sacristies, trimming of candle wicks and replacing the Sanctuary lamp as needed. For some, this is a meditative time; others enjoy working around the sacred objects; still others participate as a team, serving with a friend. Tasks normally take about an hour or less per week

Training is required for all above ministries.

Art and Environment Committee

This Committee meets monthly from September through May and is responsible for the creation and execution of seasonal d├ęcor in and around the church. They also assist in any decision making process in regards to the permanent beautification of the church. From time to time, they make acquisitions of art work, either by commissioning new pieces and/or restoring existing pieces of parish art.