Music Ministry

  • The Second Vatican Council stated that the Church’s rich tradition of Sacred Music as “a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art.” As such, the Church states that music is not merely an ornament or nicety, but “a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy.” Because the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is intended to be a foretaste of the Heavenly Banquet, it is essential that the quality of our sacred music reflects the beauty of the Eternal. Hence, we are committed to excellence in both congregational singing, choral singing, and spoken prayer.
Recent Highlights:

Choir Chancel Expansion Plans (completed Winter 2020).


Various opportunities exist for musical ministry including the following:

Adult Choir

This choir of 25-35 skilled men and women sings twice monthly at the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass, in addition to most Feast Days and Triduum liturgies. This is our Mission. Leading congregational singing and providing fine motets and anthems whenever we sing. The choir rehearses Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm in the St. Cecilia Choir Room, September-May. Its repertoire spans over eight centuries of the finest liturgical music, from Gregorian chant to brand new compositions. If you can do the following, come and check us out:

  1. Willingness to commit to scheduled rehearsals and masses.
  2. Ability to match pitch.
  3. Ability to carry a tune.

You are invited to come to the choir room in the Pastoral Center during rehearsal and check it out if you think you might be interested. We welcome high school students! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Lee Treml, Director of Worship.


Choir Prayer (Chant)

Palm Sunday 2019 Rehearsal with Archbishop Hebda.

Confirmation at the Cathedral of Saint Paul 2018



Psalm 146, Hunstiger

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, Holst. (Communion anthem on Gaudete Sunday)

Immaculate Conception, The Angel Gabriel, Basque Carol

Salve Regina

Advent Sunday, Procession to the Advent Wreath: Maranatha, Lucien Deiss

Advent Sunday, O Jesus Grant Me Hope and Comfort

Thanksgiving Day, 2019 Psalm 138, Hunstiger

Thanksgiving Day, 2019 Psalm 23, McFerrin

Thanksgiving Day, 2019 For The Beauty Of The Earth, Stopford

Thanksgiving Day, 2019 Sanctus, Courtney

Recessional: Sunday of the Year 31

Communion final: Sunday of the Year 31

Prelude, Improv, jfh: Sunday of the Year 27

Fall Festival Recessional: Fanfare for the Common Man

50th Anniversary of the New Church Edifice Closing Mass – Select Anthems

Prelude Music: Choristers and Cherub Choirs

Missa Luba: Kyrie Eleison

In My Father’s House, Stopford


Serdeczna Matko

Panis Angelicus, Pavlechko: Closing Mass

Easter Sunday Hymn of Praise: Crown Him With Many Crowns

Easter Sunday Communion: Christ Is Our Cornerstone, Stopford

Palm Sunday Prelude (Improv, jfh)

Happy Are Those, Richard Proulx

Chanticleer’s Carol, Ian Higginson: Easter 2017

Jesum Christum, Pietro Yon, arr. Rev. David Marthaler (Christ the King Sunday 2018)

For the Beauty of the Earth, Philip Stopford (Thanksgiving Morn, 2018)

Worthy is the Lamb Who was Slain, Rev. David Marthaler (Christ the King Sunday 2018)

In My Father’s House, Philip Stopford (Lent IV)

Saint Andrew’s Processional, (Highland Cathedral) Thanksgiving morn 2018

Thanksgiving Day Hymn of Praise: To God Be The Glory

Selected Choral Highlights 2017/2018

  • Ad te, Domine, Kruetz
  • Ave Verum, Pavlechko
  • Beautiful Savior, arr., Christiansen
  • Bless This House, arr. Hunstiger
  • Chanticleer’s Carol, V. Hoyle
  • Come, Ye People, Rise And Sing, Richard Shephard
  • Communio: “Alleluia, Alleluia” Hunstiger
  • Crux Fidelis, Lehman
  • Dextera Domini, Modlmayer
  • Gloria (Mass of Unity)
  • Greater Love Hath, Ireland
  • Introit: We Should Glory
  • Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Tallis
  • Let The Same Mind Be in You, T. Pavlechko
  • Lord, Who Has Formed Me, Arlen Clarke
  • Mandatum Rite: Chant
  • Mandatum”, R. Lehman
  • Miserere Mei Deus, Arlen Clarke
  • Our Father, Gretchaninoff
  • Panis Angelicus, Pavlechko
  • Popule Meus, (Chant & Victoria) & Vs.
  • See What Goodness, Hunstiger (Sprinkling Rite)
  • Stay With Us, Hovland
  • The Roman Martyrology for the Feast of Christmas, chant arr. Hunstiger
  • The Seven Last Words, Brumby
  • The Shepherds Farewell, Hector Berlioz
  • The Spacious Firmament On High, Richard Shephard
  • Torches, Torches, John Joubert
  • Truly The Light, Cooman
  • Victimae Paschali, (Chant)
  • Virga Jesse, by Anton Bruckner
  • We Will Be Merry”, R. Lehman
  • With A Voice Of Singing, Martin Shaw

Selected Choral Highlights 2018/2019

  • A Babe Is Born, William Mathias
  • A Great And Mighty Wonder, Ian Higginson
  • Ave Verum, Philip Stopford
  • Beati mundo corde, (Chant)
  • Caritas Dei, (Chant)
  • Christ Is Our Cornerstone, Philip Stopford
  • E’en So, Lord Jesus Quickly Come, Paul Manz
  • For the Beauty Of The Earth, Philip Stopford
  • Hail! Blessed Virgin Mary, Charles Inwood
  • He Is Risen, Richard Shephard
  • In My Father’s House, Philip Stopford
  • Kyrie, (Missa Luba), Rev. Guido Haazen
  • Lully, Lulla, Lullay, Philip Stopford
  • Marantha, Lucien Deiss
  • Morning Hymn, Arlen Clarke
  • O How Glorious Is The Kingdom, Philip Stopford
  • Song Of Thanksgiving, Malcolm Archer
  • Sweet Spirit, Comfort Me, Crawford R. Thoburn
  • We Will Remember Them, Ian Higginson
  • Whence Comes This Lovely Fragrance?, arr. Crawford R. Thoburn

The Lord is my Shepherd, Charles Hylton Stewart

The schola is a mixed-voice ensemble that sings a diverse repertoire of chant, Classical motets, British anthems, and newly composed sacred works. The group offers an excellent opportunity to serve in a vitally important ministry to the community for special liturgies throughout the year. Rehearsals are on select Thursdays throughout the academic year. Singers must have choral experience, be able to read music, and commit to various rehearsals. Contact Lee Treml.


The primary purpose of the choir is to give glory to God and to catechize and edify the faithful. The musical formation is an integral part of the human person. Choristers enable our young parishioners to use their mind, body, spirit, and voice in service to God. Those who participate in the chorister program learn the musical tradition of the universal Church as well as the leadership skills necessary to advance the future of sacred music in the Catholic Church. By singing in a choir, young people can develop a sense of professionalism and pride in what they do. This will have a positive impact on their religious education and understanding of the liturgy. St. John the Baptist Students and parishioners from grades 2-8 are welcome to join. Rehearsals are held in the choir room every Monday during the school year from 3:45-5:00 pm. Students are encouraged to sign up even if they can only join the group for part of the year. Choristers sing one Mass every month during the school year as well as the 4:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass. The experience of participating in Choristers not only benefits the congregation but the choristers too! Sing together, pray together, learn together. Registration is open throughout the school year. We are currently seeking a new Choral Director for the SJB Choristers.

Ut Vitam Habeant, Ruth Schram (Lent IV)

Ubi Caritas, Becki Slagle Mayo (Lent IV)

For Love Shall Be Our Song, Douglas Wagner


Cantors are most often taken out of existing musical groups. They lead specialized music at Mass, such as the Introit, Psalm, Gospel Acclamation, and Communion processional music. The role of the cantor is never to take the role of the congregation by singing its parts. The cantor assists the people in the singing of hymns only when necessary. Hymn singing and other chants primarily belong to the congregation. Cantors must have choral experience and be able to read music. High school age and older are welcome in this ministry. Please contact Director of Worship, Lee Treml for more information

Contemporary ensemble

This ensemble sings twice a month at the 10:30 am Sunday Mass during the academic year. The group consists of piano, various stringed instruments, and singers. Rehearsals are twice monthly on Wednesday evenings, 7:00-8:30 pm in the choir chancel. If you are interested, please contact Lori Vosejpka at

Sunday Evening Ignite
The 5:30 pm Mass team is dedicated to offering the Lord a sacrifice of praise through modern Christian contemporary worship music and re-visited hymns. The team almost always includes vocal leadership with keyboard, percussion, brass, and guitar accompaniment. The team is often joined by a youth and young adult choir. Abe Gross, Director of Ignite
Handbell choir

The handbell choir meets on Monday evenings from 6:30–8:00 pm in the St. Cecilia Choir Room. We are newly reforming and encourage anyone interested in trying handbells to come and check us out at practice. We play every 4-6 weeks at the 4:30 pm Saturday Vigil Mass. The range is from solo pieces, accompaniment to the choirs, and Contemporary Ensemble as well. The bells add a unique richness to our liturgies; mysterious, mournful and joyful. We offer an opportunity for people of different backgrounds and stages of life to offer their musical prayers for God’s glory and the inspiration of the community. The group is a joining of many talents used to create a joyful sound to honor God and enhance our public worship. We have a full set of Schulmerich bells and Melody bells. If you are interested in joining, drop in for a rehearsal or contact Laura Lind

Rejoice the Lord is King, Joel Raney. (Directed by Eileen Secord in 2012 with 12 ringers, and piano by Mary Anne Bennek)


Musical Instruments of SJB

The King of Instruments is in the church. The Hendrickson/Rodgers pipe/digital 5 manual organ is a wonderful classic versatile instrument. The pipe division is twelve ranks of large scale pipework, while the digital division equals 136 stops and 195 ranks.





Violone 16 – Viol Céleste II 16  – Processional Diapason 8 – Bourdon 8 – Viols Chorus IV 8 – Gemshorn 8 Muted Viols II 8 – Flute Céleste II 8 – Major Octave Spitzflute 4 – Orchestral Flute 4 – Unda Maris II 4 –  Super Octave 2 – Blockflute 2 – Grave Mixture V – Trombone 16Tromba 8French Horn 8Oboe 8Orchestral Oboe 8Clarinet 8Vox Mystica 8 -Tremulant – Echo Chimes – Harp 8 – Legato Strings 8 – Unison Off – Pedal Violone 16 – Pedal Bourdon 16 – Contra Tuba 16 – Resurrection Trumpet 8  – Tuba Major 8Tuba Clarion 4 – MIDI V


Contre Gamba 16 – Bourdon Doux 16 – Geigen Diapason 8 – Bourdon 8 – Tibia 8 – Viola de Gambe 8 Viola Céleste 8 – Salicional 8 – Vox Céleste 8 – Flûte Céleste II 8 – Octave 4 – Flauto Traverso 4 – Tibia Piccolo 4 – Unda Maris II 4 – Muted Viols II 4 – Nazard 2 2/3 – Super Octave 2 – Flûte à Bec 2 – Tibia Piccolo 2 – Tierce 1 3/5 – Plein Jeu IV – Cymbale III – Double Trumpet 16Basson 16Trumpet 8 Trompette 8Oboe 8Hautbois 8Voix Humaine 8Clairon 4 Tremulant – Swell to Swell 16 – Unison Off – Swell to Swell 4 – MIDI III A – MIDI III B – Choir to Swell 16, 8, 4 – Solo to Swell 16, 8, 4                        Antiphonal to Swell 8


Dulciana 16 – Principal 8 – (Pipe) Stopped Diapason 8 – Tibia Minor 8 – Doppelflute 8 – Viola 8    Viola Céleste 8 – Dulcett III 8 – Erzähler Céleste II 8 – Octave 4 – (Pipe) Fugara 4 – (Pipe) Rohr Pipe 4 Flûte d’Amour 4 – Tibia Minor 4 – Fifteenth 2 – Zauberflöte 2 – (Pipe) Larigot 1 1/3 – (Pipe) Cornet III Sifflöte 1 – Jeu de Clochette II – Raushquint IV – Zimbel III – Bass Clarinet 16Dulzian 16Trumpet 8 (Pipe) – Clarinet 8Cromorne 8French Horn – Tremulant – Harp Choir to Choir 16 – Unison Off Choir to Choir 4 – Tuba 8 MIDI I A – MIDI I B Swell to Choir 16, 8, 4 – Solo to Choir 16, 8, 4 Antiphonal to Choir 8


Cello Céleste II 16 – Grand Diapason 8 – Flauto Mirabilis 8 – Doppelflöte 8 – Tibia Clausa 8 Violoncello Céleste II 8 – Violoncello 8 – Grand Octave 4 – Orchestral Flute 4 – Grand Fourniture VII Mounted Cornet V – Bombarde 16 – Basset Horn 16 – Post Horn 8 – Harmonic Trumpet 8 – French Horn 8 – English Horn 8 – Orchestral Oboe 8 – Harmonic Clarion 4 – Tremulant Solo to Solo 16 – Unison to Solo 4 – Festival Trumpet 16 – Festival Trumpet 8 – Tuba (Ch) 8 – Festival Trumpet 4 – MIDI IV – Antiphonal to Solo 8


Double Open Diapason 16 – Bourdon 16 – 1st Open Diapason 8 Pipe – 2nd Open Diapason 8 – Voce Umana 8 – Harmonic Flute 8 – Rohrflute 8 (Pipe) – Gamba 8 – Gemshorn 8 – Octave 4 – Principal 4  Pipe – Viol Octave 4 – Spire Flute 4 – Quint 2 2/3 (Pipe) – Super Octave 2 (Pipe) – Wald Flute 2 –     Terz 1 3/5 (Pipe) – Tierce Mixture IV-V – Mixture XI – Scharf IV (Pipe) – Double Trumpet 16 – Trumpet 8 (Pipe) – Clarion 4 – Tremulant – Chimes – Zimbelstern (piston) – Resurrection Trumpet 8 (Ant) – Festival Trumpet 8 (So) – MIDI II A – MIDI II B – Swell to Great 16, 8, 4 – Choir to Great 16, 8, 4 – Solo to Great 16, 8, 4 – Antiphonal to Great 8


Gravissima 64 – Contre Principal 32 – Contre Violone 32 – Contre Bourdon 32 – Principal 16 – Open Wood 16 – Violone 16 – Cello Céleste II 16 – (So) Bourdon 16 – Dulciana 16 – (Ch) Bourdon Doux 16  (Sw) – Octave 8 – Gedeckt 8 – Gemshorn 8 – Bourdon 8 (Sw) – Choralbass 4 – Nachthorn 4 – Harmonics V – Mixture IV – Contra Bombarde 32 – Contra Trombone 32 – Contra Bassoon 32 – Bombarde 16 – Trombone 16 – Double Trumpet 16 (Sw) – Basson 16 (Sw) – Bombarde 8 – Trumpet 8 – Clarion 4 – Rohrschalmei 4 – MIDI – Pedal Great to Pedal 8 – Swell to Pedal 8, 4 – Choir to Pedal 8 – Solo to Pedal 8, 4 – Antiphonal to Pedal 8

Communion Pastorale on the 14th Sunday of the Year (Improv, jfh)

Elegy,  George Thalben-Ball

Labor Day Recessional improv, Jay Hunstiger

Fanfare on Holy Thursday at the Gloria in Excelsis, improv, Jay Hunstiger

Wedding improv, Jay Hunstiger

Chancel, Yamaha Grand Piano

Improv based on the hymn: We are the Body of Christ, Jay Hunstiger

St. Cecilia Choir Room, Steinway Grand Piano

St. Cecilia Choir Room



Chapel of the Angels, Rodgers Two Manual Digital Organ.

Saint Joseph Hall Roland HP203 Digital Piano
Tower Bells

Bronze Bells in the belfry:

Saint John the Baptist @ 5,000 pounds

Blessed Virgin Mary @ 2,500 pounds

Saint Francis of Assisi @ 1,500 pounds

Saint Clare @ 600 pounds