50th Anniversary of the New Church Edifice

Recognizing Our 50+ Year Parishioners

Fifty years ago the parishioners of Saint John the Baptist celebrated the first Masses in our “new” church.  Today we have more than 200 individuals and married couples who were members of the parish in 1968 or earlier.  As part of our 50 Year Celebration, we have launched a Fifty-Year Club to recognize parishioners who have been members of the parish for fifty years or more.  We salute the following charter members of the Fifty-Year Club.  Thank you for your dedication that has helped to make Saint John the Baptist the vibrant parish it is today.

Beverly Aplikowski
Evelyn E. Arneson
Ralph and Jane Arnott
Doris Bauer
Marion M. Bengson
Jan and Jerry Bensing
Alice Bigelbach
Dolores Bona
Marguerite Bona
Bill and Bonnie Boutelle
Donna and Richard Brennan
Hedwig Breske
Rosemary Brock
Stephan and Helen Bucko
James and Lea Burggraff
Joseph and Renee Casalenda
Edward and Claudette Casey
John and Janet Cech
Thomas and Diane Chies, Sr.
Al Cichoski
Maureen (Rivard) Collins
Yvonne Collins
Bernita Cooke+
Judith Cooper
James Crook
Deacon Peter and Nancy D’Heilly
Bernice Daas
Allen Roy and Rosemary Dahms
Dennis and Sharon Decheine
Patrick Delaney
John and Delores Demont
Sharon Dietrich
Ron and Marie Duchesneau
Barb Dufault
Melvin and Judy Enga
Betty Evenson  Myron Evenson
Ron and Marianne Flor
Joe and Janet Frank
Charlotte M. French
Michael and Luella Freund
Lucie Gebhardt
Donald and Audrey Geneva
Ruby Gerner
Bob and Terry Gibson
Patricia and Dick Gigrich
Larry Gillespie
Barbara Pechous Godbout
Mildred Goettsch
Helen Gove
Genevieve Grachek
Karen L. Guse
Gene and Delores Guthmueller
Thomas G. and Mary K. Halaska
Bud and Barbara Handzel
Carol A. Hansen
Eleanor Hanson
Judy Indykiewicz Harris and Rodney Harris
Charles E. and Delores I. Heath
Mary A. Hedberg (Chock)
Darlene Heimerl
James F. Herrington
Joanne Hessel
Harvey and Sally Heurung
Pat and Ron
Robert and Kay Hildreth
Lois Hoium
Carl E. Hosler
John Houle – Helen Houle
George and Joyce Huard
Virginia Hudoba
Shirley Jacobs
Betty Jacobson
Michael and Andrea Jann
Wayne Jeunesse
Marilyn Jindra
Donald and Mary Johnson
Larry and Pat Johnson
Pat and Patty Johnston
Margaret (Peg) Joyce
Marge Kackman
Melvin and Mary Ann Kaiser
Mrs. Pauline H. Keohen
Leon and Kathy Kline
Frank and Charlotte Kozak
Rosemarie Kozel
Claire and Melvin Kriz
Stanley J. Kruta
Edna Kuchinski
Germaine Kuglin
Doug and Barb LaChance
Debbie (Warden) Lamson
John and Darlene Lappen
Heralgine Larson
Richard Leier
Joseph L. and JoAnn Leon
Wallace and Teresa Lieser
Arnold+ and Mary Anne Lindberg
Joseph and Gisela Longo
Richard T. Loscheider
Herb and Jeanne Manteufel
Roger and Marian Marcouiller
Roman and Lucille Marsolek
Barbara Mata
Bernadine M. Matushak
Melvin and Lola Maurer
Gary and Charlene Maus
Mary Ann McEvoy
Delores Mergen
Dorothy A. Metzger
Ross Metzger
Ruth Meuwissen
Linda Miller
Glenn and Virginia Mischke
Glenn and Patricia Modjeski
Elizabeth Murnan
Bernard and Mary Ann Musielewicz
Marlene Nickel
Phyllis Norbeck
Mike and Pat O’Brien
William O’Kasick
Harriet Odash
Deloresann Olson
Carol Osterbauer
Kathryn Packard
Richard and Lucille Pallow
Joseph and Geraldine Pechous
Cherie Pederson
Jack and Kathleen Peifer
Agnes Heimerl Peterson
Erik and Patricia Peterson
Walter Petrykowski
Joseph Preese
Louis and LaVerne Preese
Bob and Phyllis Prodger
Sharon Rasmussen
Joseph H.+ and Marilyn C. Rivard
Joan Roemer
Carol Ruff
Eileen Rybak
Michael and Marcia Sager
Donald and Rose Schafer
Ronald J. Schleiss June E. Schleiss
Alphonse and Darlyne Schlichting
Richard and Beatrice Schonhardt
Karen Schwalbe
Joyce and Nicholas
Roger and Muriel Schwinghammer
Lorraine Seitz
James and Leslie Senden
Jim and Lailah Simmer
Timothy Shea
Bernadine Flor Skoglund
Jann and Bob Sitarz
Frances Skiba
Virginia Skiba
Mary Smith
Mary Spiczka
Carl and Beverly Stampfle
Thomas Stampfle and Carol Halaska Stampfle
Daryl and Rose Stevens
Kathleen Stonina
Edward Swendra
Raymond and Mary Tandeski
Jean Thielen
James Robert Tomlyanovich
Mary Trauba
Ron and Roseann Trettel
Mary Helen Trisko
Jean S. Turcotte
Anna Turnacliff
Floyd and Elizabeth Udermann
Constance Urgo
Howard and Joyce Vander Wyst
David A. VanHatten
Betty Vranyes
Stephanie (Boutelle) Waite
Robert and Diane Walsh
Mrs. Marge Wells
Mrs. Dorothy A. Wesen
Patricia Marie Wick
John and Nancy Winiecki
Loretta Witkowski
Mary Witucki
Deloris Wolcyn
Dolores Wyttenbach
Kyran+ and Juanita Zamor

We have tried our best to list names as requested. If we have made a mistake, please accept our apologies and let us know so that it can be corrected. If you have been a member of the parish for fifty or more years, we encourage you to join the Fifty-Year Club. Please contact Jen Livermont at 651.633.8333 (ext. 1219) to become a member.