Adult Discipleship Opportunities

SJB provides amazing study programs, speaker series, activities and events that help the whole person grow into the person God created them to be. These opportunities include human formation, spiritual formation, intellectual formation and pastoral formation.

Wednesdays at 9:30am.
Beginning September 11.
Fall Session – The Scripture class for the Fall will contain two short studies: 
Word of God at Vatican II – Dei Verbum and Pilgrim People

Word of God at Vatican IIDid you ever wonder how the Bible became such an essential part of being a Catholic in our Day? Dei Verbum—The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation—remains one of the foundational teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Discover how this teaching helped to move the Bible into the heart of parish faith formation, and continues to direct our efforts in liturgy, education, and spirituality. The commentary includes a translation of the document Dei Verbum, also known as The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, along with background information and insightful commentary.

Pilgrim People – God’s people have always been sojourners, pilgrims on a journey, open to God’s call and direction. This study explores the major events and characters of the Bible that exemplify God’s call to be pilgrims who are ‘looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and maker is God’ (Heb 11:10). Among the biblical pilgrims and sojourners encountered in the study are Abraham and Sarah, Moses and the people of the Exodus, the Jews of the Babylonian exile, the Holy Family and Christ’s first disciples. The commentary is written with full citations of the appropriate biblical texts and provides insight into the biblical characters, historical settings and modern applications.

Session Dates: DEI VERBUM: September 11, 18,15 October 2,9
PILGRIM PEOPLE: October 23,30,6,13,20

The fee for the Fall Session is $30.

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Winter Scripture Class 2020 -Letters From Prison (10 Sessions)

In these letters of encouragement, correction, and instruction written from prison, Paul lovingly inspires and challenges us to greater discipleship. In Philippians, Paul calls on the community to rejoice even when difficulties and struggles abound in life. Paul offers Jesus himself as the prime model to follow in his humility and obedience. Colossians and Ephesians have a number of striking similarities, including the depiction of the Church as the body of Christ with Christ as the head. Colossians, however, contains a great hymn of praise to Christ as the image of the invisible God, while Ephesians describes the Church as the spotless bride of Christ.

The fee for the Winter Session is $30

To register for the Winter Session click here


Alpha is an evangelization program that is designed to appeal to and welcome those outside of the church. Its purpose is to aid guests to experience a relationship with Jesus. This program presents and encourages guests to examine the basic tenants of the Christian faith, pray and accept Jesus as their Savior. Upon completion of Alpha, guests are encouraged to continue to deepen their faith through RCIA, and other faith enrichment programs offered at SJB.

Contact: Jessica Balzarini (651) 633-1540, ext. 1228 or

Men’s Fellowship

Wanting to learn more about the Catholic Faith? Join Men’s Fellowship for camaraderie, video presentations and discussions on a weekly basis throughout the year.  Men’s Fellowship is a great opportunity to know that you are supported in the Catholic Faith by other men. See the parish bulletin for upcoming presentations.

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Sunday Morning Scripture with Sister Clarinda

What is Sunday Morning Scripture with Sister Clarinda? This is frequently on the minds of people in the parish. Often, we come to Mass following the busyness of the morning preparations and have not had enough time to focus on what is being read. It is important that we hear what God is saying to us in all of the readings.

Every Tuesday morning after the 8:30am Mass, we gather in Room 204 to spend some time listening to the upcoming Sunday readings and studying what the Spirit is saying to us. After the discussion we take a few moments to reflect in silence. Our session lasts for about an hour and ends with song and prayer. Everyone is invited to come as often as they can.

Catholic Watchmen

The Catholic Watchmen gather monthly for food, fellowship and formation. They focus on becoming better fathers and husbands so as to better serve their families and the community.


Thinking about becoming Catholic or just wanting to learn about Catholicism?
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church warmly welcomes you as you continue on your Faith Journey!


An Archdiocesan Evangelization and Prayer ministry occurring once per month at St. John’s. Encounter God in Praise, Adoration and Prayer Ministry.”  Charismata is a time of prayer where the abundance of God’s gifts and graces are poured out onto His people.  There will be time to encounter the Lord more deeply.  Receive prayer for life’s tough situations. All are welcome.

Contact Jessica Balzarini (651) 633-1540, ext. 1228 or

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Circle of Women


Our monthly women’s gathering, devoted will begin again on February 27th.  Join us for a little wine, a little chocolate and some social time at 7:30 pm and our Intro will begin by 8:10 pm.  All women of the parish from all walks of life are welcome and bring a friend!

Prayer Letter

Over 175 Prayer Ministers call on the power of Community Prayer for unity, peace and special intentions. Join them from home.

Contact Deacon Gary Schneider at or call the Parish Office (651) 633-8333

Archbishop Flynn Catechetical Institute

The Archbishop Flynn Catechetical Institute is an ongoing information resource for Catholic adults of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith and further their spiritual formation. Classes are held at the St. Paul Seminary and parishes around the diocese.

Archbishop Flynn Catechetical Institute (651) 962-6890, website or contact Jessica Balzarini

Living the Divine Will Prayer Group

This prayer group prays and reflects on “Living in the Divine Will” as given to Blessed Luisa Peccarreta by the Lord over many years of her life. Prayer groups meet monthly on the first Thursday of each month to follow a set prayer structure along with reflections on Blessed Luisa’s writings.

Contact Deacon Gary Schneider (651) 633-8333 or