“Preserve my life, for I am devoted; save your servant who trusts in you. You are my God” ~ Psalm 86:2

Devoted is a monthly gathering for ALL women. It’s a time for you to take a breath, do something for yourself and be filled. Come be encouraged and inspired through prayer, dynamic speakers, wine and chocolate.

Devoted topics are relevant to you and your life and each gathering is a stand alone event. The schedule is flexible, so you can come a little late or leave a little early.

Bring the favorite women in your life: your mom, sister, daughter, friend, neighbor… Women from all walks of life are encouraged to join us at 7:30pm for social time with an 8:10pm start time and respectful end time of 9:30 pm!

As devoted women, we are committed to:

  • Live Gracefully
  • Live Prayerfully
  • Live Generously
  • Live Truthfully
  • Live the Gospel