Grandparents Ministry

The Catholic Grandparent Ministry invites grandparents to grow deeper in prayer for their children and grandchildren and to be authentic witnesses of Jesus. God’s plan for grandparents calls them to help their families become disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Grand Adventure:  A New Call to Grandparenting

A six- week series for Catholic grandparents, will be offered at our parish on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am and Thursday evenings at 6:30pm starting September 10 & 12.

This program helps grandparents realize their true grandparent potential as they explore new ways to enhance the grandparent- grandchild relationship.

Assess their many gifts and talents and ways to use them to benefit their grandchildren.
Gives grandparents support and friendship while empowering them in their grandparent role.

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“Grandparents are a treasure . . . (They) have the strength to leave us a noble inheritance.”
– Pope Francis