Scripture with Sister Clarinda

Sunday Scripture with Sister Clarinda

What is Sunday Scripture with Sister Clarinda? This is frequently on the minds of people in the parish. Often, we come to Mass following the busyness of the morning preparations and have not had enough time to focus on what is being read. It is important that we hear what God is saying to us in all of the readings.

Sister Clarinda’s Fall Scripture

Two short studies, a total of 7 lessons.

Jesus’ call to profound discipleship in the Sermon on the Mount is too often dismissed as special instructions for only the holiest and most exceptional Christians. The Sermon on the Mount challenges us to hear the sermon once again as Christ intended it, as our call to follow him whose life illustrated its every ideal. This study helps us to hear the Sermon on the Mount as a message for each of us, a challenge that is our constant call to renewal.

The Infancy Narratives of Jesus explores the stories of the conception and birth of Jesus in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. With clear and insightful commentary, Sister Clarinda will help readers understand the Old Testament background of these texts, the distinct themes, and events of the two gospel accounts, and the continuing relevance of these stories for us today. Deepen your longing for the Messiah’s coming as you encounter Jesus as Emmanuel, “God with us.”

Classes are on Wednesdays from 9:30-11:00 am

First Class is on SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

Register Early Fee is $30.

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Alive in the Word


Sister Clarinda’s Sunday Scripture & Mercy. There are 5 Lessons in this series.


Classes are on Tuesdays

from 9:30—11:00 am

First Class is on November 1, 2022

Register Early Fee is $10.

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