Synod Small Group Consultation Thank You

Thank you to all our participants in the Synod Small Groups Parish Consultation! Your feedback has been greatly appreciated for our Archbishop as well as for our St. John’s community.

Synod – Self-Study Available:

The videos and handouts are now available below and listed individually to the right for all to access.  Limited hard copies of the handouts for each session are available at the welcome desk. While the time for feedback submission is ended, the content is of great importance to access and understand.  All are encouraged to check this out.

Training Resources for Small Group Process Managers and Core Teams

Synod – What Happens Next?

Contact Jill Fink, Coordinator of Adult Discipleship at or 651.633.1540 ext. 1280.  See more at Archdiocesan Synod – Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (