Jesus is the source of HOPE and HEALING

By Fr. Paul Shovelain

Another difficult week in 2021. I tend to be one who always likes to give a message of hope and encouragement, but it is difficult when the tension continues to build and the pain continues to grow. Ugh. Seriously, I want to cry. The year 2020 was hard and 2021 has been pretty challenging as well. So how do I bring hope? Stop focusing on myself and turn to Jesus. He is the source of hope and healing. Jesus is the answer. Jesus reveals to us the dignity of every human life. Jesus reveals to us the importance of listening and seeking understanding. Jesus reveals to us the power and the importance of mercy and forgiveness. Jesus continues to be the source of hope. He is the SAME yesterday, today and forever! May we lean on Jesus Christ who will bring us comfort in this time.

The last three nights we have turned to Jesus in praying the Rosary and reflecting on the life of Christ. The Catholic Spirit called me yesterday to talk about those prayer times and wrote an article summarizing the purpose of that initiative. Click here for the article. May we continue to let the light of Christ shine and bring hope and healing in our dark and dreary world.