Preparing for our Capital Campaign!

November 9, 2023
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,
Christ Jesus continues to love, heal, and strengthen those who come through our doors. Whether it is those celebrating Mass with us, or those looking for spiritual guidance, or those coming for our programing, Christ is meeting them with His transformative love. In order to help our parish maintain its vibrancy, we are embarking on the Restore to Gather capital campaign. This effort will build on the strong foundation and enable us to further Christ’s kingdom in New Brighton and beyond!
This coming week, all registered parishioners will receive a packet of materials about our campaign. A case statement brochure will be enclosed, along with a letter from myself requesting a pledge to the effort. Over the coming weeks, our team of volunteers will be reaching out to families to discuss the campaign, answer questions, and seek your support. Our parish is blessed with many faithful families so we may not be able to personally contact everyone – but we do hope that all families will choose to participate in this important campaign. If you do receive a call from one of our campaign volunteers, I ask that you please keep in mind the following:
  • Volunteers – The volunteers who are contacting families are just that – volunteers. They have graciously agreed to donate their time and talent for the betterment of St. John the Baptist. They are serving in this role because they believe in the mission of our parish, GO. MAKE. TEACH., and are passionate about its future. Thank you in advance for showing them respect and gratitude when they call.
  • Personal Touch – I have instructed each of our campaign volunteers to request a personal visit with members of the St. John the Baptist community. If you receive a call, I kindly ask that you:
  • Take the call or return the message. Our volunteers’ time is valuable, so your prompt response is greatly appreciated!
  • Meet face-to-face. If you are asked to meet, please give our volunteers 15 minutes of your time. They just want to briefly explain the campaign goals, answer your questions and receive a decision about your participation.
  • Pay at your pace! This campaign seeks pledges to be fulfilled over 3 years, from 2024-2026. You can pay off your pledge at any point during these three years. Also, paying off your pledge sooner could help the parish realize cost savings. We are also accepting year-end gifts in 2023. 
  • Your Gift Matters! Remember, the letter you received from me includes a financial request. It is not an expectation. It is an invitation. I invite you to pray about this campaign and our parish. You may not be able to give what was asked. You may be able to give more than asked. Whatever that decision is, know that your commitment is deeply appreciated and a true blessing to our campaign.
In addition to the case statement, we have created photo boards in the plaza as well as posted videos on the campaign webpage that describe the projects we are undertaking. Thank you for your support and your dedication to our wonderful church and school!
With your help, we will make sure the healing love of Christ continues to be encountered by those who come through our doors as well as through the ministry of all those who go forth from our campus! Be assured of my prayers for you and your family.
To find out more about our Restore to Gather Capital Campaign please visit our parish campaign website page.
As the Father loves me, so I also love you,
Father Paul Shovelain