Respect Life Sunday is this Weekend

September 28, 2023
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,
Respect Life Sunday
This is where “What You Do Matters” meets “What If…?”
As if I haven’t challenged you enough in the past, now it’s October and it is designated as Pro-Life Month. So here we go again! If you have picked up the gauntlet and begun researching more about life issues, good for you! That is a start! What more can you do?

What if…we decided we could DO something positive to enhance life, celebrate life, or protect the life of another? What would that look like? How much time would it take? How invested would you have to be? What if you involved the whole family, your spouse, your children, your friends, your book club, your team, and your small group?

What if…we turned our heads away from our phones and other screens, and took a serious look at the people around us? Smile at people and help where you can. Open a door, carry a bag, say hello, notice anything out of place?

What if…we take a breath from our busy lives to see what we can do for others? Stop and talk to the panhandler rather than just driving by. Call them by name, introduce yourself, and shake their hand. Pray with them.

What if…we learned about human slavery and trafficking; euthanasia and assisted suicide; the killing of the child in the womb and the selling of their organs; and the inhumanity to each other in so many ways today? We could also learn about solid organizations that are combatting the darkness described here. Get involved. Add influence. 

What if…we open our circle of influence to expand the circle and welcome others who are left out? Speak honestly to others about things that really matter – faith, encouragement, and truth. 

What if…we actually dug in enough to learn the truth? Especially in our culture today. Not the headlines or pop-ups, but both sides of an issue so you invest and then care about what is really happening. Once you care, then what? What do you do?

Once informed, you can rarely go back to ignorance. You are left with the “what you do (or don’t do) matters”. This month, you can join our parish praying at the abortion mill during the 40 Days for Life campaign on Saturday, October 28, or go down to the St. Paul Planned Parenthood to pray any Thursday when our parish regulars go.

There is a resource to help you divide the truth from the lies. It is a short magazine called “What If…?” and it deals with the most popular myths regarding abortion. It is a good place to begin, even if you think you know the subject. Learn the truth and use it to change hearts and minds in loving, level-headed discussions.

The magazine is on the harvest table in the plaza. Pick one up to learn the truth and how to share it with others.

In Christ,
Mary Kohlhaas
Pastoral Care Coordinator