Restored to Life to be Called Forth

July 28, 2022
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,

This past week I was blessed to be able to spend this past week with my family. It included a combine demo derby at the Wright County Fair, Fishing on Lake Superior, daily Mass together, praying the rosary together, and many other fun activities. I am very grateful for my family and the opportunity to be able to encounter the Lord both in the Sacraments and in His creation. Above is a photo of my older brother, Brian, three nephews and myself out fishing on Lake Superior. It was supposed to storm that day but we celebrated Mass and prayed asking the Lord to make the trip happen and by his grace it did and we each caught a fish. It was truly an answer to prayers!

We are close to closing on the former convent. We put it on the market in early June and we are set to close the second week of August. While we are saddened by the Sisters departure, we remain grateful for the three years they served here. The proceeds from the sale of the house will go to cover the cost of ongoing capital improvements here at St. John the Baptist Church and School.

Summer is half over and we are preparing for the upcoming school year. In an effort to strengthen the relationship between the school families and the church, I am doing meet and greets with them at Pier 153 at the Rectory. (Formerly known as Fr. Magner’s Shipwreck Lounge Tiki Bar in our rectory basement). I renamed it Pier 153. It has a fishing theme to it. Jesus helped the disciples catch 153 fish after the Resurrection. My hope is that having social events with the intention of inviting people into deeper communion with Christ, will catch more people for the kingdom of God. Please pray for our incoming school families. We have grown over 40% in four years, which is great to see. We are working to make sure that the families know that SJB is here to support their whole family, not only intellectually, but especially spiritually. We desire to build saints and it starts by building trust and communion.

This coming week we will be hosting Totus Tuus. We are excited to welcome the missionaries who will be speaking at Masses this weekend and serving our youth ages 5-18 this week.  The program includes daily Mass, confession, teachings, and many other fun activities that form our students in the faith. Please pray for the missionaries and the participants. May they encounter the love and goodness of God throughout the week!

As the Father loves me, so I also love you,

Father Paul Shovelain