Restored to Life to be Called Forth

July 14, 2022
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,

In 1902, Archbishop John Ireland formally established St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in New Brighton, MN. For the last 120 years, Heaven has met Earth here and the love of God has been poured forth on our parish. There have been miracles that have attested to God’s intervention, as seen in Tom Pomeroy’s story published in the bulletin last week. People have been guided by the truths of the Catholic Faith that they learned and experienced at SJB. With their faith as their guide, they have made the world a brighter place. The bright light of St. John’s in New BRIGHTon has guided people to Heaven!

One hundred and twenty years after its establishment, we welcome Archbishop Bernard Hebda for the celebration of the Mass, where once again Heaven will meet Earth. We, as human beings, desire happiness and joy, and the source of all happiness is Christ. In the Mass, joy is realized and given. We are called to bring Christ’s joy out into the world and spread it, as we build up God’s kingdom, here in New Brighton and beyond.

Why does St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School exist? Because God has created us and desires to live in relationship with us here on Earth. Through the ministry of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School, God is revealed and our identity is understood. Wisdom is given us through the teachings of Christ handed on by the Apostles through the Catholic Church. The Holy Spirit continues to guide us as we work together to further God’s kingdom.

There have been many beautiful moments here at SJB from Baptisms to First Communions to Weddings to celebrations of many kinds. There have been sad moments from funerals to working through grief and brokenness. In all these moments, Christ is present and supports us along the journey of life.

I turn to you, my dear parishioners, and say thank you. Thank you for your response to the Father’s invitation to live in relationship with Him. Thank you for raising your children in the Catholic Faith. Thank you for your commitment to building up Christ’s kingdom by being involved as a volunteer and sharing in the ministry of Christ. Christ has done incredible things here for the last 120 years, and I thank you for allowing Him to work through you!

My hope is in 2027, we will have a year-long celebration of our parish’s 125th Anniversary. In anticipation of that, I would love to update our parish history book, “St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish: Building on a Century of Faith” (published in 2004) with the last 20 years of parish happenings. If you are interested in helping update the history book, please contact my assistant Micki Hall at the parish office.

Please join me in praying for all those who have walked through our doors over the last 120 years; may those who have died rest in the peace of Heaven. May those who are here on Earth experience the love of Christ here and be drawn into deeper communion with the Trinity.

As the Father loves me, so I also love you,

Father Paul Shovelain