Small Groups – Seek Jesus. Together.

By Fr. Paul Shovelain

Isolation is not what we are made for. In fact, we are made in the image of God, who is the Trinity, 3 persons in one nature. We are made to live in relationship with God and other humans. Here at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School, we want to help you break out of the isolation and be reunited with us. Lent is less than a month away and I encourage you to consider how you will utilize the Lenten season to be more united with God. One way that I recommend is by joining an Encounter Lenten Small Group. That will give you the opportunity to reflect with others on the word of God. You will be able to grow in relationship with fellow parishioners and with God. We often come to church without realizing the similarities we have with the people around us. We think we are the only ones dealing with this stress or struggle. Yet, you will realize through the Encounter Small Groups, that you are not alone. Rather we all are struggling to persevere in hope. Together, United in the Holy Spirit with the Encounter Small Group, your light will grow brighter and you will be able to be a NEW BRIGHT light here in New Brighton and beyond!

To join an Encounter Small Group please click here. We already have lots of interest in our Encounter Lenten Small Groups. Space is limited so be sure to sign up now! At Mass this weekend you will hear testimonies from our Encounter Small Group participants and the impact small groups have had in their lives. We will have leaders at the table in the St. Paul Plaza for questions and iPads for sign-up!

Unfortunately, I did not get out ice fishing this past week so I do not have any pictures of fish. However, I did get outside to enjoy the beautiful MN winter weather and do some sledding and skiing. Below are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy!