Called Forth to Celebrate

September 22, 2022
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,

Welcome to FallFest weekend at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School! It’s a time for fun, fellowship, faith sharing, fundraising, and fantastic food! We hope that you have a great weekend with us here and experience the warmth and love of God! We have been planning this weekend for several months and are excited to have you here! 

If you are new to St. John’s, we welcome you to our parish community. We are fortunate to have been in New Brighton for over 120 years. We are grateful to encounter our loving God here and we work to share his love with others through our ministries. We rely on prayer as prayer gives us strength and helps us know and fulfill God’s plan that will help us live life to the full. We are willing to grow as we study and develop our God-given gifts. We live out of a generous spirit and desire to let the light of Christ shine brightly through the way we live our lives. 

We hope that you not only join us for FallFest but for many other great opportunities as well!

Thank you to our FallFest Committee, led by Jim and Janice Treat and John and Taylor Burns! I am very thankful for their efforts to make FallFest a place where we strengthen our community and help others to have a positive experience in our wonderful community!

We have many other opportunities for fun and fellowship. One of those is Saturday, October 15, at 6:00 pm we will have a Cribbage tournament. It will be a fun night to meet new people, have a good meal, and have a friendly competition! We will have prizes as well. All are welcome! Watch next week’s bulletin for more information.

A great event for all men is Thursday, October 13 at 6:30 pm in our parish social hall. We will have dinner at 6:30 pm and Dr. Rota from the University of St. Thomas will give us an enlightening presentation on “Pascal’s Wager.” The “Wager” is focused on the value of believing in God and its impact on us. All men are welcome!

All women are invited to join us for Circle of Women this coming Thursday, September 29 at 9:15 am. It is a great way to meet other women and be inspired. Childcare is provided as well.

One important event coming up will help us prepare for the upcoming Midterm Elections on November 8. It is important to be informed about the issues and the candidates. We also need to understand Biblical Principles as we prepare to vote. Please join us here on Tuesday, September 27, from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm as we welcome scripture scholar Tim Staples from Catholic Answers. He will speak to us about how we put “Principles over Politics.” We as a church do not endorse a political party or candidate but we do speak about issues as they impact our moral lives and the state of our souls. It is important to build a society on Biblical principles. With Tim Staples’ guidance, we will have a better understanding of how we can do that.

Thank you again for joining us this weekend and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

As the Father loves me, so I also love you!
Father Paul Shovelain