Jesus Christ is Risen!

By Fr. Kevin Magner

He is risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Happy Easter, everyone! It is with great joy that we welcome the season of Easter, which began yesterday and continues until May 23 with the celebration of Pentecost. This 50-day season celebrates the new life made possible for us by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Everything about this holy season is meant to remind us of new life. The new paschal candle or Easter candle is lit in the darkness at the Easter Vigil Mass. Its light symbolizes the light of Christ overcoming the darkness of sin and death. The paschal candle remains in the sanctuary throughout the season of Easter. After that, it is moved to the baptistery by the baptismal font.

The baptismal font is also an Easter symbol. It is through the waters of baptism that we are washed clean of original sin. When we are sprinkled with holy water during the Masses of Easter it is meant to remind us of the new life we received in our baptism.

The liturgical color for the Easter season is white. White brings to mind all that is good, clean and pure. It is for this reason that a white garment is worn during the sacrament of baptism. Again, the celebration of new life is emphasized in this liturgical color.

Finally, the constant proclamation of “Alleluia”, or “Hallelujah”, is heard throughout the Easter season. This word comes from the Hebrew “hallel” (“to praise”) and “Yah” (a shortened form of the name of Yahweh). Therefore, “Alleluia” is a proclamation meaning, “Praise the Lord”.

It is the Easter season! Jesus Christ is risen! Praise the Lord! Alleluia!

Have a blessed Easter season!