Easter Triduum

By Fr. Paul Shovelain

The time has come. The hour is at hand. It is time for the Son of Man to be handed over for our salvation. The Gospel of John has a key theme of time. When is it time for Jesus to redeem the world? The next three days we reflect on that time! Jesus brought out our salvation during the Triduum.

When is it time to return to the Lord? Right now is the time. Maybe you are wondering when it is time to come back to Mass? We invite you back. Maybe you were watching virtually consistently and that has dropped off. Recommit to consistently attending Mass virtually. We are live streaming the Triduum and the 9:30am Sunday morning Mass for those who wish to join us virtually.

We are anticipating full crowds, but we will be prepared to have overflow seating available in our hall and the school cafeteria if needed. We encourage you to arrive early, fill in the front of the church first and sit in the middle of the pew to accommodate more people. Please sit with your family and/or friends to conserve space. Thank you for your patience and flexibility. For those still looking for smaller Mass crowds, our 8:30am Mass on Mondays and Fridays and our 5:30pm on Wednesdays continue to be our smallest Mass attendance. There is plenty of space to spread out in our large church. The solemnity of Easter lasts 8 days so any Mass you come to this week will be part of the great Easter celebration!

Beginning tomorrow, Good Friday, we will be praying the Divine Mercy Novena during our daily live stream prayer time. Join us at 2pm tomorrow on Facebook and 3pm all other days through Divine Mercy Sunday for this powerful novena. We will conclude the Divine Mercy Novena on April 11, Divine Mercy Sunday, with a 3pm Holy Hour with confessions. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive a plenary indulgence!

Thank you for the positive feedback about the channel 5 news clip. If you have not seen it click here. People see the light and are attracted to that light. The light of Christ is giving hope to the world! I am glad to be part of the Lord’s work here at SJB! Thank you to our dedicated staff and volunteers who help that light of Christ to shine bright!

May the continual presence of Christ seen in the Eucharist instituted on Holy Thursday give you hope of God’s faithfulness. May the love of Christ poured out on the Cross on Good Friday fill your soul. May the faith of the disciples who saw the Risen Lord give you faith to unite yourself more fully to him in the Holy Spirit this Easter!