Walk with Jesus on the way to Calvary

By Fr. Kevin Magner

We have just entered into Holy Week, the final week of Lent leading up to Easter. I have been encouraging people in confessions this past week to do their best to walk with Jesus on the way to Calvary. That can be difficult to do with the daily distractions of modern life. We still have jobs, kids, school, homework, etc. Life goes on as usual but it is important to make time this Holy Week to focus on the Passion of the Lord. I know of one friend who actually schedules time off from work each year for Holy Week so that she can dedicate the week to prayer and not be distracted by the usual work routine.

Most of us cannot do that but we can still take time to remind ourselves of the solemnity of this week. Come to Mass each morning or, if you are not able to, meditate on the Mass readings for the day. Pray the rosary each day this week, meditating especially on the Sorrowful Mysteries. Pray the Stations of the Cross each day, even if you are at home. Thank God for the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ, who was given to us as the means of our redemption. Finally, if you have never taken part in all three days of the Triduum liturgies, I absolutely encourage you to do so! The liturgies of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil/Easter morning are powerful experiences that help us to enter more fully into the observance of the Lord’s Passion of Holy Week and the glory of Easter.

Have a blessed Holy Week!