Restored in the Body and Blood of Christ

June 16, 2022
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,

This weekend we celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, which is the celebration of Christ’s Body and Blood, present in the Eucharist. He comes to nourish us at each and every Mass. He also remains with us, Sacramentally present in the Eucharist. It is truly a gift that He is here with us. He comforts us in our sorrows and celebrates with us in our joys. We are blessed to have had Eucharistic Adoration available to parishioners for over 20 years in our intimate adoration chapel. I would like to expand our availability of Eucharistic Adoration by adding a tabernacle to the Chapel of the Angels. The space is larger and will allow classes from school and parish groups to have the opportunity to adore Jesus together.

For the past year, we have been discussing renovating the Chapel of the Angels. I have collaborated with parishioners and staff, as we want to serve the needs of the parish well.  I am excited to share with you the fruit of those dialogues and our proposal for our Chapel of Angels renovation. Not only does the renovation allow for greater access to adoration, but it will also include much-needed capital improvements like a camera for live streaming, HVAC update, LED lighting upgrade and patching a crack in the stone floor. We will move the altar to the west side and flip the pews to all face west. This will align all in liturgy to face the same way and create a greater focus on the Eucharist. In addition, we have just acquired two first-class relics of Blessed Stanley Rother, and will plan to incorporate one of them into our Chapel of Angels somehow.

After Mass on Saturday and the Sunday 8:30 am Mass and 10:30 am Mass, we will have parishioners and staff in the St. Paul Plaza with large displays of the renovation. I am very excited about this opportunity, as I believe this renovation will assist those who walk through our doors in their journey of faith, as they experience the beauty, power, healing and goodness of God.

As the Father loves me, so also I love you!

Father Paul Shovelain