Restored through the Intercession of our Patron

June 23, 2022
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,

This past week I’ve been with Fr. Joseph and our youth at Catholic Youth Summer Camp. We’ve played paintball, climbed rock walls, played archery tag, fished, and canoed. We had a lot of fun! But the most moving and fulfilling thing we have done is receive the Lord in confession and the Eucharist. Along with daily Mass, we’ve had several opportunities for Eucharistic adoration. The youth were invited to respond to the Lord’s love by committing to following Him and sharing His love with others.

As we celebrate our parish feast day this weekend, may we follow St. John the Baptist’s lead and always point others to Christ. The young adult leaders and high school leaders from Catholic Youth Summer followed his example and helped our youth encounter the Lord. You have that same opportunity. Reveal Christ in the way you live your life. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and be amazed at what God can do! St. John the Baptist, pray for us!

I look forward to seeing you all at our Parish Picnic this Saturday! Please join us in St. Joseph Hall after the 4:30 pm Mass!

As the Father loves me, so also I love you!

Father Paul Shovelain