Restored to Oneness in the Fifth Week of Lent

April 7, 2022
Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,

“Are you ready to return?” Many people have asked me that question as I resume my responsibilities as pastor here at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School. I am very ready to return to SJB as I missed you all very much. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend so much time with my family, study, and travel. However, my heart is here in New Brighton and I desire to grow the bright light of Christ that is here! Jesus returns to Jerusalem this week and do you think He was ready? I believe He was but He was returning not only to be welcomed in as king on Palm Sunday but to be crucified on Good Friday. Wow. That is a very intense week but yet He was faithful in it as He knew He had to do defeat sin on the cross. He was ready thanks to the grace of the Father.

Are you ready to return to Holy Week? We celebrate this week with great solemnity each year as it reminds us of the greatest mysteries of our faith. Christ gave us His body and blood to nourish us. He died on the cross to defeat sin. He rose from the dead and unlocked the gates of heaven for those who have died in the state of grace! As we celebrate this week, I invite you to return and celebrate with us. We have our Communal Penance this Sunday from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Come and prepare your souls for the holiest week of the year. It is a beautiful opportunity to be restored to life by Christ in confession. In doing so, you will be made ready to celebrate the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter with great joy!

Check out my welcome back video and share it with others. “Do not be afraid!” Let’s pack the church this Holy Week as we celebrate and journey with Christ to the Resurrection. He will Restore you to Life!

Today, April 7, 2022, marks the 20th Anniversary of our Adoration Chapel. For 20 years we have been offering people the opportunity to encounter the Risen Christ in the Blessed Sacrament throughout the day and the week! Thank you to all our adorers who make this possible! I encourage you to sign up for an hour if you have not. I love spending time before our Lord in adoration and am grateful for the opportunity to pray with our parishioners before the Blessed Sacrament.

As the Father loves me, so also I love you!
Father Paul Shovelain