Second Week of Advent

December 9, 2021

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. John’s,


“Am I not here, I who am your Mother?” Mary comforts St. Juan Diego with these words as he is struggling to have hope and trust in God. He was worried about his uncle who was sick. He was nervous about what God’s plan was for his life. He was concerned about his future. Yet, Mary comes to him and consoles him with those words.


Mary wants to tell you those same words. Our culture tells us to live in fear and our faith tells us to live in hope. Hope not in our own abilities but in God’s faithfulness. May we be inspired to be faithful to God as He is faithful to us. As we celebrate the Feast of St. Juan Diego today and Our Lady of Guadalupe on Sunday, may we recall those words, “Am I not here, I who am your Mother?”


This weekend we welcome our candidates who are preparing to become Catholic. I am grateful for the staff and volunteers who have been journeying with them towards Christ. Please pray for our candidates and all those who aren’t Catholic that they may come to share in the fullness of our beautiful Catholic faith.


As the Father loves me, so I also love you,
Father Paul Shovelain