The Year of St. Joseph

By Fr. Paul Shovelain

This past Tuesday, we began the year of St. Joseph as proclaimed by Pope Francis as this year marks the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph being declared the Universal Patron of the Church. St. Joseph doesn’t say anything in scripture, yet he is a model for us because he is obedient to God even in the face of suffering. He trusts God and takes Mary into his home despite not fully understanding how Mary was with child. After Jesus’ birth, he trusts God again and follows the promptings to go to Egypt to protect Jesus from Herod. Joseph continues to trust God even in the face of adversity. May we follow his example of obedience and trust in God as we persevere through the unknown challenges that lie ahead.

This Sunday we celebrate Graduate Sunday, or Rejoice Sunday, as we are halfway to Christmas. We have joy that the coming of the Lord is near. He comes to love us and redeem us. This is great news! We are not meant to be isolated from God but united with him in the Holy Spirit as he continues to come to us through the Church. See the information below for opportunities to live in union with God through the ministry of the Church!