Core Value ~ Willingness to Grow

In 2020, willingness to grow is needed to navigate the ongoing changes due to the pandemic. Here at St. John’s, we desire to grow into the saints that God desires us to become, and thus willingness to grow is a core value. This year, as we seek to be united in the Holy Spirit, we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us and enlighten our minds with the Truth. One way to grow is by watching videos on I encourage you to check out the series on the Holy Spirit called “The Wild Goose.”   It will teach you about the role of the Holy Spirit and help you live a life rooted in love and confidence. There are many other great series to check out that will help you grow and appreciate our beautiful Catholic faith. If you don’t have a subscription to FORMED, see below for how to sign up.

We have some good videos on our Facebook page and YouTube channel that are educational and will help you grow. Last night, I gave a presentation on The Creed and it can be found by clicking here. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel or Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest events.

Check out this week’s Core Commitment video that highlights how the Willmert family lives out the core values. Together, United in the Holy Spirit, God will continue to bring his light and love into our dark world.

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