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Restore to Gather Campaign Case Study

As we move forward with the “Restore to Gather” Capital Campaign, we want to address questions posed during our recent planning study and within our faith community. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mary May at (651)633-8333 ext.1253 or by email at

The Restore to Gather Capital Campaign

Q: How can I get more information on the campaign? Will we hear about its progress?
A: Each church and school family will receive mailings outlining the campaign with information on how to support it. You will also find details in the weekly bulletin and receive occasional email updates.  You will be able to find up-to-date information on this webpage at all times. When the campaign begins raising funds, we will place a campaign thermometer in the gathering space of St. John the Baptist.

Q: How long will this campaign run?
A: The active fundraising portion of the campaign will take place in November 2023 through February 2024 with pledges fulfilled over a three-year period.

Q. What are the goals of the Restore to Gather Campaign?
A. There are two main areas of focus for this campaign:
       1. Church improvements and repairs, which include:

          a. Restoring and refreshing the church ceiling
          b. Replacing the church HVAC system
          c. Upgrading the church sound system
          d. Repairing the stained-glass windows above the baptistry
          e. Refinishing the church pews
          f. Resurfacing the East parking lot
      2. School improvements and repairs, which include:
          a. Upgrading the school bathrooms
          b. Replacing the carpet in the school
          c. Installing a rubber playground surface
          d. Establishing a School Operations Endowment Fund

Q: What is the total cost of these projects?
A: We are working very closely with two contractors, Schoenfelder Renovations and Egner Construction, to ensure that we approach and complete these projects efficiently while also being the best stewards of the dollars we receive from the St. John the Baptist community. We have determined that our funding need for all the Restore to Gather projects is a total of $5 million. This will include the materials and labor needed to complete the projects as well as contingencies and fees. 

Q: What if we raise more than our campaign goal? How will that money be used?
A: Once we complete these important campus projects, we will direct funding to our current growing ministry needs. We will direct excess funds to support our growing school as well as pastoral care demands for our many homebound parishioners. This funding will help us further Christ’s kingdom in these two vital areas.

Q. Why are we addressing these projects and conducting this campaign now?
A. Over the past 5 years, we have completed many smaller campus improvements, from replacing light fixtures with energy-efficient LED fixtures to upgrading campus technology, to repurposing spaces to support growth in our preschool and grade school. It is now time to tackle some of the more major maintenance improvements that have become immediate facility needs.

Q: How will we fund these goals?
A: Our parish is in a healthy financial situation. We have been debt-free for four years and have a strong parish reserve fund. We are allocating our operations surplus from our most recent fiscal year of $197,700 to be the foundation of our fundraising effort. It is going to be a large endeavor and we will ask everyone to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment to help restore our campus.

Q: Are the church projects separate from the school projects?
A: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School is one united parish community. The school is a vital ministry of our parish, where we help young people grow in faith and virtue. We work collaboratively on many community events like FallFest, the All Saints Party, Journey to the Inn, and Wines to Wishes. We gather in shared facilities for activities like faith formation, Sunday school, celebration of Sacraments, and more. These events and many others bring church and school together. As we work to achieve our campaign goals, we envision strengthening our entire community.