Live Out Of A Generous Spirit

Core Value: A Generous Spirit
by Fr. Paul Shovelain

While suffering tremendously from the cross, Jesus Christ continued to live out of a generous spirit, giving mercy to the soldiers and giving his mother to his disciple. Amid the sufferings of 2020, we are invited to live out of a generous spirit as well. How can we with all the uncertainty? We must remember that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That assurance gives us hope and confidence which enables us to live out of a generous spirit while we fulfill our mission to bear witness to Jesus. What does a generous spirit look like in 2020? It looks like volunteers calling parishioners to check in and see how they are doing. It looks like our volunteers who are helping organize and execute our Turkey Dinner this weekend. It looks like our ushers and greeters who help us safely celebrate Mass. It looks like parishioners continuing to generously support our parish financially. It looks like our Encounter Reach More Small Group leaders. It looks like our staff adapting to the needs of our parishioners during the pandemic. It looks like our St. Vincent DePaul Society that organizes our food and sock drives to help those in need. It looks like you taking the time to read this email during your busy day. Check out my bulletin article this weekend to find out ways you can commit to living out of a generous spirit and bring Christ’s light to the World! Thank you for living out of a generous spirit!

Check out this week’s video below, which highlights Rose and Larry Neu, two long-time parishioners, who live out our core values. When we all commit to living out our core values of reliance on prayer, willingness to grow, and generous spirit, we fulfill our mission more effectively as a parish! My prayer for our parish this year is that the Holy Spirit will unite us more fully as we work together to build up Christ’s kingdom in New Brighton and beyond!